Thuy Bieu Village


Once more interesting way to discover much many other charming of Hue ancient capital is to make a cycling trip around the countryside. Spending one day on bike by yourself, our Receptionist will take you to the rural to admire and enjoy interesting scenes and local life. This tour gives you more the tranquil, peaceful, beautiful sightseeing in Thuy Bieu Village & Hue Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa surrounding Hue including green paddy fields, rivers, hill, and old architecture, which Hue people keep in original appearance until now. Let cycle! have more feeling about Hue natural beautiful life.

Thuy Bieu is a laid back village situated on the southern bank of Perfume River, around 7km from Hue centre. Thuy Bieu is famous for its mild sweet Thanh Tra, a special kind of pomelo which boasts refined fragrance and green skin. Locals name it Thanh Tra (meaning green tea pomelo).

Every spring, the village is filled with its aromatic white flower and when autumn comes, the ripe pomelo can be found everywhere.

Thuy Bieu is featured by its rustic settings, typical of Hue countryside. The whole village is hidden in luxuriant gardens of citruit and bamboo. Local peole live in small blue cottages, built in traditional architecture with small chambers, titled roof and long gate.

All houses have a small altar on one side of the gate dedicated to ancestor worshipping. You may also find many temples and communal houses in the village, a feature of Hue culture.

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