Minh Mang Tomb


The tomb is 11 km from our Resort , on Cam Ke mount, near Bang Lang fork on the west bank of Huong River (Perfume River) so we recommend guest to visit by the Boat from Resort’s Boat station take only 20 mins.

In September 1840, the construction of the tomb began. In January, 1841 , white the work was implemented Minh Mang king was sicked and passed away.

Emperor Thieu Tri, his successor  on the throne , continue his task according to is father’s plan . Emperor  Minh Mang’s corpse was buried in Buu Thanh on August 20th 1841. The construction fully completed in 1843.

Minh Mang’s tomb is a standard architectural complex consisting of 40 constructions (palaces, temples, pavilions, ect ) designed on an symmetric axis running from Dai Hong Gate to the foot of La Thanh (surrounding wall) behind the Emperor’s tomb.

The constructions are distributed into three main parallel axis of Than Dao path is the centre 

From Hue Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa by boat take 20 minutes and the view on Perfume River Hue is beautiful spacious