Via the programme, visitors will have a chance to visit the Gate of Noon, Thai Hoa Palace, The Mieu Temple, Dien Tho Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, Tu Phuong Vo Su Pavilion and Peace Gate from 7pm-10pm, with the same ticket price of VND120,000 for Vietnamese and VND150,000 for international visitors.

A wide range of cultural activities have been held in the city at night during festivals on Hue’s streets and in the Citadel.

The pilot programme, which will run until September 15, aims to help tourists avoid the hot summer weather and give them more time to visit interesting places in the Citadel.

The 520ha Hue Imperial Citadel, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is situated along the Huong (“Perfume”) River. Hue was the capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Dynasty, the country’s last feudal dynasty (1802-1945). Since 1994, the Complex of Hue Monuments has hosted 33 million visitors, including 12 million foreigners.


Hue Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa, Offer with a night Tour only (397.000vnd) ~ 15usd per person by private car to take our Guest visit at night time and stop at Truong Tien bridge on the way back for take a photo, having tea and see night time local life.

*Tour is not included the Entrance ticket. 

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