he opening ceremony, with special artistic performances, will commence at 8pm on April 28.

Traditional craft products from outstanding artisans in Hue as well as nationwide and internationally will be introduced, exhibited, and on sale at spaces set aside for artisans and traditional craft villages.

Various activities, including demonstrations and hands-on guidance in making handicraft, will also be held.


A rite to commemorate the patrons of all crafts and a procession honoring crafts are two traditional ceremonies held to express gratitude towards and to honor traditional Vietnamese crafts as well as praise and memorialize the major contributions made by craft villages and generations of artisans.

Artworks, royal artifacts, and the collections of famous collectors will be also on display during the festival.

A culinary festival, in which special and delicious dishes from Hue as well as other parts of Vietnam, prepared by talented chefs, will also be introduced.

In particular, a hot-air balloon festival, with the participation of representatives from ten countries - the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, France, Switzerland, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam - will add more color to the event.

Those attending the festival can experience a bird’s view of Hue on board these balloons.

The closing program will be combined with an announcement ceremony, in which outstanding domestic and overseas prizes and art programs will be presented.

VN Economic Times