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Some FAQ's:

Is there an airport near to Hue if so which airlines fly to it?
• You can fly from Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to Hue

How far away is the airport and how do we get from the airport to the hotel?
• Hue Phu Bai Airport is 20 km from our Resort, you can go to the resort by means of service Taxi or our own Hotel Shuttle.

Is there a railway station in Hue? Approximately how much is a ticket from Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi?
• In Hue city have a railway station. Train fare from station to station Ho Chi Minh to Hue: about $ 70 / pax, ticket price from station to station Hanoi to Hue at about $ 50 / pax

How do i get from the railway station to the hotel?
• Distance from station to Hue to Hue Riverside Resort only about 6km, customers could move by taxi (there are many taxis parked waiting for passengers at the Hue station )

Can I take a bus to reach Hue? How much does it cost and how do I get to the hotel form the bus station?
• There are many buses that connect all parts of Vietnam to Hue. We have all kinds of tariffs and routes available at the hotel. Please let us know if you need advice.

Does the hotel offer private car collection? How much would this be?
• We can indeed provide collection and return, please let us know what you require.